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Adapted from the Stellalander's report, Weereens ‘n heuglike tyd, published September 7, 1967.


On September 7, 1967, Dr. Nico Malan, then the Administrator of the Cape, opened the current residence buildings.


There has been a need for proper residences for many years in this area. The buildings that were in use before the current House Nico Malan and Huis Hannes du Toit were commissioned, did not meet the modern standards at the time and were damaged due to underlying shifts.


The two current residence buildings were not easy to obtain. There was a hard struggle for some years to get the hostels, the matter was even quoted in the Provincial Council where it was granted after repeated representations. Eventually, the two residences were completed after 18 months and their total cost amounted to R 527 128.


Mr. J.P. (Hannes) du Toit, former Provincial Councillor, worked particularly hard for the acquisition of the two residences during his term. The girl's residence was therefore named after him: House Hannes du Toit.


Dr. Nico Malan was the former Administrator of the Cape who gave the final approval for the buildings. The boy's residence, House Nico Malan, was named after him.