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School Badge

Around 1920 it was decided to design a logo for the school. Both the scholars and the teachers were asked to do this and to represent symbols.



Mr. Hansie de Villiers (teacher) suggested the first motto, "Rus in Urbe" - "The district in the village" because there was an influx of farm children to the residences. The principal, Mr. Carl Gerneke was of the opinion that this would only bring about further controversy between the village and farm children who did not want to mix. A new motto, "Carpe Diem", was then proposed by Mr. DW (Dan) du Toit suggested.

"Carpe Diem" means "Grab the opportunity" (i.e. don't let it slip). The motto was then finally accepted.


The School Badge

The background of the shield is green because it was also the main color of the Republic of Stellaland. At the top is a parchment roll with the slogan.

In the first quadrant, the Open Book represents the thirst for learning because there was such a great lack of facilities in those days.

In the second quadrant, the rising sun appears in the background with a spade sticking in the ground. The sun symbolizes the dawn of a new dawn or era - fuller and better provision of education. The spade has a double symbolic meaning. The first indicates the nature of the population, mainly farmers. The second is the symbol of hard work.

The center is dominated by a five-pointed white star that was used for the main symbol of the Stellaland Republic of which Vryburg was the capital. The star is endorsed by a broken yoke that represents the cast yoke of the dominant. The two points point upwards and thus stand for freedom and Vryburg. The name of the village, Vryburg, is derived from the settlers' sense and ideal of freedom - a place where they could live freely and independently, thus a "vry" (free) place to stay.

Originally, the center of the star was decorated with "VPS" in old gold for "Vryburg Public School" as it was then known. Later it was replaced with "VHS" Vryburg High School. Then only Vryburg appeared on the arms so that it could be used for all the schools.

In 2001, the word "Vryburg" was removed from the star to meet the demands of Heraldry. Insisted by the principal, dr. AS. du Toit, and backed by chairman of the Governing Body, Rev. M. Coreejes, the laurel wreath was added around the arms of the High School to distinguish VHS from the other two schools, namely Stellaland Primary School and the Preparatory School.